Diary of a Girl Up North: Appreciate the small things!

This week has been super full on but I still got to visit some fab local businesses!

Had a beautiful breakfast at the YMCA’s Bradbury Cafe! Definitely worth a visit if you’re nearby! it was delicious and really reasonably priced too at £3.50!

I also visited the RSPCA in Hull and met some gorgeous furry creatures. Those of you who know me know I adore animals as a kid our house was like a zoo with all sorts of animals. So this was a dream for me! The work they do there is fantastic.

On Friday night John and I took the kids to Parkway Cinema in Cleethorpes to see Ghostbusters Afterlife a very anticipated film in our house and feels like we have been waiting FOREVER to see it. I won’t spoil it but well worth the wait and we all (except Harri who is a tough cookie) shed a tear! It was so lovely to be back in a cinema again. My first time since 2020!

Saturday we visited Kimmies Cakes for some wedding cake planning! Kim is so warm and friendly and has made the process super easy for us. She talked us through the process and also gave us six cupcakes to take a away with the different flavours we where considering. It was so hard to choose between them, although we had help in the form of my Mum, Dad and the kids! So we have our design and flavours all picked which is super exciting!

Sunday was a day John, his Mum, Maddison and I had been waiting for, our annual trip to Meadowhall! John and his Mum started this tradition with Maddison just before I met him and when she asked me if I’d like to come it was lovely! I only got one trip in with them before Covid hit and so really couldn’t wait for this trip!

We headed to Browns first thing to fill our tummies (of course) and then headed off to Meadowhall. It was a fantastic day and most importantly Maddison had a brilliant time!

Whilst sat with John last night recovering from our super busy week preparing for the next I got to thinking about how even though the week has been busy it’s been so lovely to spend time all together doing some of the things we love and about how family is the number one most important thing!

With Christmas coming up we have a lot of different things planned and lots of time to spend together, I can’t wait! 🧡

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