Diary of a Girl Up North: Thrifty Shopping!

This week I’ve really been enjoying finding amazing thrifty finds in our local charity shops. If you’d have asked me as a kid years ago to go into a charity shop I’d have been mortified! But I LOVE how times have changed and I would say the majority of my wardrobe has been thrifted.

I used to just buy whatever I saw in charity shops and ended up with loads of clothes that I maybe wore once and then I’d give it back to the charity shop!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I now try to be a bit more strategic in what I am buying. I have a list on my phone of the things I’d like and when I pop into a chazza shop or shop on Vinted (my favourite pre-loved app) I specifically look for those items.

Of course if something amazing stands out to me I will purchase it but on the whole I am a lot more conscious about what I buy.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Cleethorpes and Grimsby have some amazing charity shops! I also work in Hull so get to visit the fab charity shops there too.

One of my favourite pre-loved Instagram accounts is Monica from @themonicaway. She mixes pre-loved with luxury items (I am a sucker for a designer handbag). She recently raised a whopping £25,655 with @camdenmindshop. Her page is AMAZING! Definitely check her out.

I love the thrill of knowing what I want and finding excellent quality clothing for a fraction of the price. Also supporting local charity shops and being more sustainable!

Do you like to shop in charity shops? What’s been your favourite thrifty find?

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