Diary of a Girl Up North Entry 1:

Been feeling a little run down this week and ending it full of cold! So feeling a little sorry for myself whilst curled up on my sofa with a cuppa writing this post.

Autumn and Winter are actually my favourite time of the year, the leaves on the trees turning beautiful browns and oranges, the cold, crisp weather setting in, Halloween movies and then Christmas movies! Warm cups of cocoa and cosy nights in!

I have been thinking a lot this week about what brings me joy and how I’ve been neglecting these things now that we are all back to full speed ahead following the lockdowns. I am actually missing the slower pace of life, the time I had to do things for myself instead of rushing here, there and everywhere. I felt a real sense of calm and peace, something I want more of in my daily life. So doing my best to introduce those things back into my life.

I’ve also been trying to get out and about a bit more my friend Fliss and I went for a lovely two hour walk last Sunday around Ashby Cum Fenby. So beautiful and was lovely to be outdoors having a good old gossip in some beautiful surroundings. There are some beautiful houses round there too!

Also got to visit one of my favourite coffee shops this week, Riverhead Coffee in Grimsby. Always reminds me of when John and I first met and I used to meet him in there most days after work. I sit and wait with a book and a smoothie or cup of coffee!

Speaking of books I got some fantastic books from Dove House Hospice in Hull this week. Five books for £1.00 absolute bargain! My house is looking more and more like a library each day, slowly driving John mad I think with all my books. I will get round to reading them all one day!

I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz this week around changes to Cleethorpes. I actually completed a survey to give my ideas on changes I’d like to see. I’d love to see The Empire Theatre come back, that old seaside feel, make it more pedestrianised, alfresco dining and more things for kids and teenagers! I’ve seen the new Ebb & Flo designs and think they look awesome!

Anyway I guess those are my ramblings for the week. I am now going to wrap up warm and have a little stroll around Sidney Park.

Have a fabulous week! 🧡

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