The Power of Rituals

This week I have been reminiscing with a friend about some of the things we used to get up to in London when I lived there five years ago. We had some amazing times, gallery openings, parties, shopping in Oxford Street, climbing Big Ben, haunted ghost tours, Jack the Ripper tours, partying with the New Zealand All Blacks, spending £45 on three shots in Mahiki, the charity shop hauls, Jam at The Ram on a Wednesday night in Hammersmith, annual girls Christmas mulled wine in Covent Garden, so many amazing memories.

One of my favourite things, and my little Sunday ritual was to get up, make myself a healthy breakfast, get the tube to Marble Arch, walk trough Hyde Park with a coffee, then walking up to Harrods for a wonder round (swoon over the puppies they used to have in the pet section) and get some delicious snacks from the deli counters. I’d then go to the Victoria & Albert Museum and then walk all the way back to Marble Arch station, go home, make a cuppa and relax for the evening. Ah bliss!

Living in Cleethorpes is SO different to London and I don’t seem to have a little ritual like I did in London, so I think it’s time to change that. Especially with things being how they are at the moment it’s so important to look after ourselves and our mental health.

Do you have a weekly or daily ritual? I’d love to hear about them.

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