Birthdays, Books & Thrifty Finds

Wow what a week! It was Mr Steels birthday this week so I took two days off work to celebrate with him. We went to our favourite place Browns Cafe the seafront for a birthday brekkie our first time in there since lockdown and it was delicious! So nice to be out and about again supporting local businesses and seeing many friendly faces.

We had a stroll down the seafront to one of our favourite shops Alexandra it has lots of books outside and managed to pick up a couple both of which strangely had Christmas cards in the front. It seems it was a week for books as I also popped to one of my favourite book stalls on Grimsby Market, always great for a rummage and found a couple of gems that are now on my shelf waiting to be read.

It’s also been week for thrifty clothing finds, I popped into the St Andrews Hospice charity shop and got a lovely hoody for £4.00. That wasn’t my only thrifty buy this week, I managed to bag myself some funky Zara jeans for £4.99 from the British Heart Foundation shop on St Peters Ave and some Levi’s for £10 from Barnardo’s in Hull on my lunch break. Bargain!

You can’t beat a thrifty find and I love nothing more than popping into charity shops to hunt out a gem. I try to be mindful when buying clothes and really try to avoid fast fashion brands. Even when I am shopping in charity shops I try to go for quality, well made brands that will last as my brother says “buy cheap, buy twice”.

On Saturday it was vaccine time, I was a little nervous as I’m a wimp when it comes to needles anyway but the process was super smooth and the staff so organised. It did wipe me out from about 8pm Saturday night but if it protects me and others you won’t find me complaining about extra sleep.

I did attend a jewellery making workshop on Saturday evening (before the vaccine wiped me out) at Coastal Silver. It was a Christmas gift from John’s Mum and we took the girls with us and my Mum. Really fun girls night and we came away with some lovely jewellery. Definitely recommend this for a fun activity in Cleethorpes.

So it’s been a super busy week for me! Hope you’ve had a fab week too!

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