Cakes, Manifestation and Sunflowers…a week in my world!

So this week was a short week as we had the bank holiday on Monday. But I’ve managed to cram a lot in.

I have been in the office on Hull this week. Been ensuring I get outdoors on my lunch break. Makes such a difference to my mental health. One lunch break I got my free coffee from Cafe Nero, I took my lunch and sat near Queens Gardens. It was a beautiful. So relaxing.

I have really been focusing on manifesting money this week. It’s definitely working. I’ve sold a number of things on Vinted, some books on Facebook and we won £20 on a scratch card. I love a bit of manifestation and have also been reading The Power, really into the Law of Attraction, makes me see the positives in every day which has made me a lot more upbeat.

Also received some beautiful plants from my Mum, planted the sunflowers in the garden and my flowers from last year have bloomed again. Been great getting outdoors and making our garden look a little prettier. Nothing like a bit of nature to make you feel good. I was working from home Friday so before I started I got my cuppa, sat amongst the flowers and the squawking crows and journalled.

Finally this week I had a lovely day out in Hull with John. We had gorgeous lunch at McCoys with a cheeky glass of pinot grigio blush.

Had a delicious cake and coffee at Flour and Feast one of my favourite Hull spots. Was so nice to be a tourist there for the day instead of rushing around on my lunch break.

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