End of Year Goals

Wow I can’t believe it’s Autumn, how quickly has this year gone! 2020 has been a strange year for us all, COVID-19 brought the country to a standstill and it has effected people in so many different ways.

I really suffered at the beginning of lockdown, I am a real homebody and I find working from home enjoyable and productive. However, knowing what was going on in the world, having to cancel plans, not see family and friends, also not seeing John’s children for a couple of weeks as he was still working was a real strain on us both.

However, I think lockdown really gave me insight into myself and what it important to me. Autumn is a fantastic time to reflect and after listening to a podcast from Sophie Cliff I decided to try and finish 2020 on a high so here are my end of year goals:

#1 Get outdoors
#2 Read more
#3 Work on health & fitness
#4 Work on my mindset

I’d love to hear if you have set youself any goals for the last few months of the year.

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