Girl Up North Blog, The Beginning

The Girl Up North Blog started in 2017 whilst living in Manchester. I had been suffering with anxiety for years, working in the fast paced world of recruitment in the tech industry my anxiety was at an all time high. After attending lots of events I met a number of people who were writing blogs and I thought, maybe I should give it a go I loved to write and it makes me feel relaxed so worth a try!


I wasn’t really sure where to start, or what I’d even write about. I’d heard of WordPress and knew a lot of people used that as a place to write blogs so I set up adn account and just like that the Girl Up North Blog was born.

It originally started out as a bit of an online journal, writing about what I’d been up to in Manchester, the events I was attending, I even wrote about make-up (not sure why I’m not a make-up crazy kind of person). But really the blog was just a way of doing something I enjoyed.

The first time I realised that people actually read it was when I was at a meeting for a tech business in Manchester, the Director popped his head round the door of the meeting and told me he’d read one of my posts about “not giving a f*ck” (check out Sarah Knight she’s awesome) and he’d really enjoyed it. It made me realise what a platform blogging can be.

In 2018 I was made redundant and I decided whilst I was looking for a new role I’d stay with my parents in Scotter. It was during this time I met my partner, John and decided to move in with him back in my hometown of Lincolnshire.

What really stood out to me when I moved back was how much the area had changed since moving away 8 years ago. So many thriving, independent businesses had popped up and the support they all gave each other blew me away.

That’s what inspired me to pick the blog back up again and dedicate it to promoting how wonderful the area of Lincolnshire is.

We see so many negatives online and in the news, I wanted the blog to be a positive space out about what a fantastic place we live in. It’s not a buisiness blog, although I love to support local, it’s also about the people who live here, the fabulous outdoor spaces we have and all the amazing things that happen here.

I am often asked if I get paid for what I write, the answer is no I don’t. I love to write and if I can help a local business owner, or bring awareness to an event that is going on then I am more than happy to do it. Now and then I’ll be gifted a product or an experience, however I do always state if something has been gifted to me and I will always write honestly about anythign I am sent.


I did consider doing paid advertising, or paid Instagram posts but that’s not why I started the blog, I started it for me, for my mental health and if I can help people along the way then that is great.

If you’d like to have a chat with me about featuring on the blog, or have any ideas for collaborations please give me a shout I am always open to chatting!

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