[GIFTED] The Variety Girls, Tracy Baines

*** Spoiler Alert ***

I love to read and was delighted when I received a message from Tracy to say she was sending me a copy of her book The Variety Girls as I’d recently added it to my Goodreads “to read” list.


The Variety Girls is based just before the Second World War and is about Jessie Delany a young aspiring starlet who feels claustrophobic whilst living with her overbaring Aunt Iris with her Mum and brother following the death of her father.

Jessie longs to follow in her fathers footsteps of performing on stage and is soon given the opportunity to perform as one of the Variety Girls at the Empire Theatre in Cleethorpes.

This is a beautifully written book, I felt so drawn in, like I was there strolling the streets of Cleethorpes with Jessie and her friends. From the house she shares with her friend (and fellow Variety Girl) Frances on Barkhouse Lane, to the chip shops on the seafront, the old Dolphin Hotel and of course, Cleethorpes Pier. I really felt like I was there experiencing it all with her.


It’s made me want to find out more about our local history and I am actually going to do a little bit of a “walking tour” of the places mentioned in the book.

About the Author
Tracy is originally from Cleethorpes and you can tell from her writing she has fond memories of her time growing up here. Now living in Dorset with her Husband she likes to make trips back to the place where she was brought up. Tracy’s parents manged The Pier Hotel, opening up one of the rooms as a music venue, hosting a number of performers. Also from the age of 16 Tracy worked at the Pier when it was a live music venue, working backstage and as Assistant Stage Manager.

The second installment of The Variety Girls comes out in October and is again based in our beautiful coastal town. I can’t wait!

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