Life After Lockdown

As much as I don’t like wishing my life away and I am trying to be in the moment with this crazy life we’re all living at the moment I am really looking forward to when I can get back out and about again.

So I thought I’d do a little list of things I want to do when lockdown is over and we can return to our normal daily lives:

#1 Have a big family BBQ at my parents house in Scotter. They have a beautiful garden and I can’t wait to see my folks, my brother and his family and of course Puddin the pooch.


#2 Go to Browns Cafe on the seafront and have a big breakfast with John and his Grandma. I think we’re all craving a Browns breakfast but nobody more than John’s Grandma. It’s been a tradition of hers for many, many years and I know she can’t wait to get back in there for some yummy grub and to see all of her friends.


#3 Finally book a date night dinner for John and I at Petit Delight. This has been on my list for such a long time as I have heard such wonderful things about their food. I’ve been loving the recipes they have been putting out on social media and can’t wait to head down there and have a lovely date night meal.

#4 Of course this has to be onthe list…..going to the BEACH! I am missing the beach so much and realised I wasn’t spending enough time down there when I was able to. It makes me feel so relaxed walking down on the seafront and dipping my toes in the sea.


#5 Do an Arttopia shop with Mum. Mum actually suggested this to me last week. She said when all this is over we’re going to Arttopia (think you guys have a new fan in her since I introduced her to your shop haha).

#6 Go for a walk in the wolds, I hear people speak about them a LOT through my blog and it’s definitely something I need to check out. I love being outdoors.

#7 Get my hair cut by Natalie George The Makeover Fairy. Just before lockdown I got my hair cut by Natalie and I LOVED it. Not quite sure what I am going to have done yet….should I grow it….get it chopped again? Definitely needs a colour of some sort, noticed a couple of sneaky greys!

#8 Go for a picnic with the kids. John’s daughter Maya asked if we could do this, which was super cute, so I said we would go for one…just need to decide on a nice location.

#9 Go for brunch at Riverhead Coffee has to be on the list. We’re craving one of our favourite bruches and a delicious coffee.


#10 Have a paddleboarding session, it’s been a while since John and I went out. Our first date was paddleboarding and we went to Huttoft which was awesome. I love it there and it brings back so many lovely memories.


What do you have planned when we’re out of lockdown?

Stay Safe!

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