Lockdown Life

Wow what a crazy time we are in at the moment. I know for me it’s been a roller coaster of emotions and it’s been super hard to decide what to write about due to the blog being about all things local and at the moment we can’t venture out.

One thing we have in Lincolnshire is a massive amount of community spirit. It’s been amazing seeing all the rainbows in peoples windows on our daily walks and also online. I love that people are coming together to show support for all of our key workers.


We have been spending a lot of time in our garden, it’s a work in progress at the moment but we’re aiming ot have it useable by the summer months. We only rent at the moment so don’t want to go too crazy but really want to have somewhere the kids can play and where we can relax when the weather is nice. I’ve also just enjoyed sitting out there in the sunshine, just to get some fresh air and clear my mind.


John and I received our new design Forw4rd t-shirts this week and we LOVE them! Inspired by owner Gaz’s recent trip to Japan with some local flavour thrown in of course. I popped mine on for our walk around the park.


I have been seeing some awesome, local content on social media and so I wanted to give mention to a few accounts I am loving at the moment:

Firstly Katie from The Salt Journal (also owner of Salt & Silver). Her Instagram content has been awesome! Not only do I love having a nosey at her beautiful home (it’s gorgeous) I love the fact she is so open about anxiety and mental health. What’s going on at the moment is really scary for a lot of people and Katies honest and raw content about how she is managing in this crazy time is really inspiring.

Ebb & Flo have also had some fab content I’ve loved seeing what different things Toni and Vince have been doing to keep themselves and their boys entertained throughout the lockdown. I am now planning on growing veg plants in egg boxes (thanks Toni lol) ready for when my garden is completed. Toni also recorded a very inspiring video about how things don’t always go to plan when it come to what we expected from lockdown and kids being off school (check it out on their Instgram page).

Petit Delight have also been posting recipes from their members of staff on their Instagram. I am LOVING these, although I am not much of a cook I think this is amazing and they all look delicious!

I cannot wait for this lockdown to be over and to dip my feet in the sea again! But until then stay safe everyone and keep supporting our local community where you can.

G x

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