Meet the Locals: Kelly & Carl Hardy

Today we meet Kelly & Carl Hardy, we get to hear a little bit about the things they love to do in Lincolnshire.

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

We are Kelly & Carl Hardy – owners of The Bobbin, Scratching Post & 0°North (along with Carl’s parents). We’ve been together since college – 18 years and married for almost 8 years! (Gosh are we that old??) We have two gorgeous girls, Dolly 5 and Pearl 2 who keep us on our toes!!


Have you always lived in North East Lincolnshire?

No, I (Kelly) went to uni in Leeds and Carl came with me and was a floor layer by trade (pretty funny if you’ve met Carl) then I stayed for 6 years and worked whilst Carl returned home and opened Silk (now Scratching Post). We also travelled for a year together to Asia & Australia/New Zealand etc.

What is your favourite thing to do in the area?

Living in Cleethorpes, it has to be going to the beach – taking the kids to scooter down the Prom and eating ice-cream on the grass at Oliver’s. We love the beach at The Fitties to take our dog, Barnsley too. For grownup time you can’t beat the roof terrace at Relish in the summer and The pizza and beer at The Taphouse.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Neither of us are big shoppers to be honest. I love a vintage shop but we don’t really have any locally except for a small rail in Arttopia (which is just around the corner from work). It also has some great gift ideas!

Where is your favourite place to eat?

This is a tricky one – we eat out a lot. Can we choose more than one? The Aagrah for curry – we love the atmosphere. Petit Delight for something a bit fancier. The No.1 for Sunday dinner & of course The Goodburger at The Bobbin for a burger fix! Cafe Baraka is also super friendly and the curried goat is amazing!

Tell me what a perfect North East Lincs day would look like to you?

The sun would be shining and we’d take the kids down to the paddling pool and the sandpit before enjoying a long lunch at the Taphouse. We’d then have a walk or a scooter down the seafront and if we were lucky there would be a great free event on such as Festival of the Sky. That was such an awesome event – we hope the council plan on something similar this year!


If someone was new to the area what would be the first thing you’d tell them to do / check out?

If they had a family they should check out all of the baby/toddler groups on offer (many free or a small charge). We regularly go to Cleethorpes Library, baby gymnastics at Twist & Flip and the Diddy Disco at The Trin Centre. There’s loads more too. For grown ups it’d have to be a stroll from the Boating Lake down to the High Street, taking in a few drinks down Seaview Street along the way – particularly the garden at Folk on a sunny day.

If you could change one thing about North East Lincs what would it be?

Cleethorpe Road (the entrance to Cleethorpes) with all of its boarded up windows and run down, derelict buildings – I’d take a big can of paint and blitz the lot – it’s so unappealing & off-putting to visitors at the moment as the main road into Cleethorpes. More help for the homeless too – not building bars around Cleethorpes library to keep them away – that was quite shocking and upsetting.

Do you have a “go to” place to chill out, relax and unwind?

If we get chance whilst at work, we love to pop down The Ave. to Riverhead Coffee. We also love to take the girls to the family room at The Riverhead Coffee in town, it’s so much more relaxing when they’ve got somewhere to play.

What is the best thing about living in North East Lincs?

For us it’s being so close to family and friends but also the locals who are generally so friendly & kind. We’ve definitely got ‘salt of the earth’ type people here!

Thank you Kelly & Carl for giving us an insight into why you love North East Lincolnshire!

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