Happy 1st Birthday Original Emporium

Artisan retailer Original Emporium is celebrating its first birthday on Saturday, March 21st from 10:00am to 5:00pm and are inviting you along to help them celebrate.

Based in Cambridge Street Original Emporium is a group of local, independent business owners, working together to bring original handmade products to the Cleethorpes high street.

Resident retailers include:

The Sunday Studio
Stem & Co
Petit Savon
Belle & Boo
Casting Memories
The Shy Zebra
Little Barn Company
House of Flint
Bee and the Sea
Waxical Works
Chlo Bow
Unique Quilts
Meg Potter Illustrations
Kids Corner
William and Rose
Warp Weft Weave

There will be pop up shops from other local businesses including Hollie Fuller Illustrations, Charlotte Robinson Art, Lilknot Macrame and Little Baker.

I’ll definitely be popping down to check out the celebrations and we wish you a very happy First Birthday!


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