Date Night!

Life is so hectic isn’t it? We work, have “side hustles”, have family, kids, outside stresses it’s sometimes hard to make sure we spend quality time with those that we love.

John and I have decided we need to try and spend some more quality time together so I have been compiling a list of things we can do together, as well as things we already do that we enjoy:

John is a HUGE film buff and I now get 2for1 cinema tickets for Tuesdays and Wednesdays through my car insurance which is FAB. So we’re going to take time to go to the Parkway Cinema for a few movie dates.

Discover new restaurants
I love to eat so I really want to try and discover some new restaurants in the area. Petit Delight is on the top of my list I’ve heard so many good things. As well as the Pig & Whistle at Healing Manor, maybe for one of their famous afternoon teas?

We love to get out in the fresh air, I am a big believer that the outdoors works wonders for your mental health and being out in nature is just awesome. We’re hoping to get in a few different ones this Spring/Summer.

Cleethorpes Day
One of our favourite things to do is get wrapped up when it’s chilly outside and walk down from our house, across Fuller Street bridge and along the seafront. Stopping in Browns for a breakfast or coffee, then heading all the way up to the Leisure Centre and back. Usually stopping off at one of the ice-cream vendors to have my Mr Whippy ice-cream (I can’t go down the seafront without having one of these even if it’s freezing lol).

Coffee & a Catch Up
Sometimes all you need is a good coffee and a catch up! We love going to Riverhead Coffee for this. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing, the coffee is also delicious.

Car Booting
We have done this a couple of times, given ourselves a small budget and headed out to Hemswell for a bit of car booting. It’s fun to see what you can buy! We actually got a MASSIVE, solid and very heavy (sorry John – he had to carry it to the car) oak, mirror for £30 – such a bargain. John also got LOADS of blu-rays really cheap for £20. It’s something a little different and who doesn’t like getting a bargain whilst spending time with the ones you love?

What do you like to do on date night / date days? We’d love more recommendations.

G x

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