After reading an article this week about kindness it really got me thinking about small acts of kindess that we can do for others, but also for ourselves.

On social media and in the news we are bombarded with lots of unkindess, the small acts of kindness seem to go unnoticed. But those small acts of kindness really could mean so much to someone.

We never know what is going on in someones life so sharing a smile, complimenting them on something they are wearing, opening the door for someone could really brighten their day. Small acts of kindness can be just as powerful, if not more powerful than a grand gesture.

Being kind also makes us feel great. I’m not saying do lots of nice things for selfish reasons but how good does it feel to know that you made someones day and made someone smile.

It is a lot easier to be kind to others than it is to be kind to ourselves. We’re quick to judge ourselves, berate ourselves for our mistakes and sometimes even for the mistakes of others.

I am guilty of this and it’s something I am working on at the moment, taking time to be kind to myself.

I am a HUGE fan of journalling and have decided that as well as my evening journal where I write down three things each day that I am grateful for, I am going to do a monthly check-in in which I look at the month as a whole, at what went well and what I have done that I am proud of.

Spending time with people who bring you joy and who make you feel good about yourself is another way to be kind to you. It’s so easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of daily life you sometimes find you’ve forgotten to take time out.

Spending some time on things you love, like reading or listening to music, meditating, writing. Taking up a new hobby (I am determinded to learn how to crochet).

If you need to schedule this time into your diary, block the time out and treat it like an appointment so that it doesn’t get missed.

How are you kind to yourself? I’d love to hear.

G x

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