This month I have been doing the NaBloPoMo challenge on Instagram. It gave a number of different prompts and I wrote a post on each one.

The first was Purpose, which really got me thinking. What was the purpose of my blog, what did I want to achieve and what did I want to come from it in the future.

It’s definitely changed over the years. Back in 2017 when I started the blog I was living by myself in Manchester and originally the blog was a way of just getting thoughts down in writing, I guess a kind of online journal.

After moving back to Cleethorpes in 2018 I decided to pick the blog back up and was inspired by all the changes that had happened in the 8 years I’d been away.

I have veered more towards writing about local businesses, events and the goings on in town. However, the NaBloPoMo challenge has inspired me to take another turn and go back a little bit to when my blog was also a bit more about my life.

It’s OK to change things up a bit and take different turns in life if things aren’t feeling quite right.

I want to and I will continue sharing posts on the fantastic people, events and businesses in the area but also share a bit more about my life and my thoughts on other subjects.

Have a fantastic week!

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