Meet the Local: Andy Rouse

Today we meet Andy Rouse. Andy is an entrepreneur who was born in NEL but has lived and worked across the world. Let’s hear why Andy loves NEL.

Tell me a little bit about yourself?
I am a North East Lincolnshire entrepreneur who is the CEO of Fusion Interactive Corporation based in the USA also CEO of Pinnacle which is a UK business accelerator and now Chief Strategy Officer  for OneHE which is an online global community for teachers in higher education. I’m also a mentor for Pitch at Palace which is a global program to help business growth from The Duke of York and I also sit on the board for Young Enterprise in NE Lincs.

Have you always lived in North East Lincs?
I was born in NE Lincs but have lived in Africa and London etc but they are places I have lived, NE Lincs is home and I am back here for the near future at least.

What is your favourite thing to do in the area?
My favourite thing to do in this area is spend time on our fantastic seafront as there are so many things to do, or just take time to reflect by the sea!

Where are your favourite places to shop?
My favourite place to shop locally is Turners butchers on Cleethorpes High St, they have the best sausages in the country!

Where is your favourite place to eat?
Favourite place to eat would be Steels Fish and Chips!

Tell me what a perfect North East Lincolnshire day would look like to you?
My perfect day would be, breakfast / brunch at the Buzz Cafe, then time on the beach with Ebb and Flo followed by dinner at Havana Cabana then drinks with friends in Arthurs House on Sea View St

If someone was new to the area what would be the first thing you’d tell them to do / check out?
Tell them to check out the Cleethorpes sea front and all the amazing things down there, inc paddle boarding etc with Ebb and Flo.


If you could chane one thing about North East Lincs what would it be?
The thing I would change is the communication to any negative comments from people living here, as I don’t think some people realise how lucky we are here, to have a fabulous beach and then the Lincolnshire Wolds a 15 min drive away is worth shouting about!

Do you have a “go to” place to chill out, relax and unwind?
Yes the beach! Even in winter sat in the car watching the waves crash at the end of the north prom is great!


What is the best thing about living in North East Lincs?
The best thing about living in North East Lincs is the people for sure, people are so genuine here with a great sense of humour and pride!

Thanks Andy! It was great to get a little insight into the things you love!

G x

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