Girl Up North Recommends: Business After Hours Podcast

I love a podcast, I listen to them in the morning whilst getting ready and on the drive to work as I try to use this time to be productive and get some inspiration.

I stumbled upon Business After Hours after following it’s presenter Liam O’Leary on Instagram and I am so glad I did.


Liam is the owner of Digital Agency, Laser Red who are based in North East Lincs and has worked with some fantastic local companies. I think it’s brilliant he’s using this platform to interview and promote local businesses and business owners via the podcast.

Business After Hours is a series of podcasts in which Liam speaks to local business owners about their journeys in the world of business.

Liam’s interview technique is fantastic the interview really flows and is very much a chat in which as a listener you feel part of the conversation. It’s not technical or dull which I love, the tips and advice can be used whether you work for someone else, are a budding entrepreneur or you already run your own business.

I have thoroughly enjoyed each episode. All very different, but all with one thing in common they are people who are proud to be from North East Lincolnshire.

I really could fan girl about all of them but I just wanted to highlight a couple of my favourites, I am sure you will have your own and I’d love to hear which ones you loved!

Charlotte Hay’s podcast was the first in the series and what a start! Charlotte is Managing Director of Healing Manor and although I don’t have any official qualifications in marketing it’s an area I love and was fascinated to hear how Charlotte navigates this area of business. It was a really great conversation and I am now really looking forward to meeting Charlotte and talking all things social!

Listening to Andy Rouse talk about his journey was fascinating, Andy and I have met before but I learnt so much more about his background and including his involvement with Live Aid. I won’t spoil it but what a story!

Last but not least, Richard Askham, to be honest I could listen to Richard talk all day about any subject. When I have seen Richard talk in the past it’s been about particular events we’ve been at, or the goings on in North East Lincs so it was really great to hear about his upbringing and transition from the wine business to being a public speaker.

Massive well done to Liam and the team for creating such an interesting and engaging podcast.

Definitely gets the Girl Up North thumbs up for anyone who is interested in learning more about our local area, the people and businesses in it!

G x

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