Meet the Business: Mumaroo

So today I wanted to introduce local business owner Korrin from Mumaroo. Mumaroo. Based in Grimsby but working across Lincolnshire and North East Lincs Korrin and her team of volunteers help parents navigate the world of slings and babywear. 

Tell me a little bit about you and your business?

We are a Sling Library and babywearing consultancy service. I am a fully trained babywearing consultant and I teach parents how to use slings and baby carriers which are suitable from birth right through to fully grown children. I offer private home visits and cover the whole of Lincolnshire. I turn up in my unmissable van with a huge range of sling and carrier options for parents to try!

I also offer training for nurseries and childminders, foster carers and health care professionals. I have a fabulous team of volunteers and we host free drop in sessions at venues where people can come and receive advice, try on and hire slings. We also have a website for purchasing new slings and carriers.

2. What made you decide to start your business?

When I had my eldest daughter 8 years ago I always wanted to be able to use a carrier but I didn’t know much about them. When she was born I didn’t feel well at all emotionally or physically for quite a long time. My sister bought me a stretchy wrap and I tried to use it but I got very confused which just upset me, I asked midwives and health visitors for help but no one was able to give much guidance and there wasn’t really much online either at that time.

So, I spent a small fortune buying different carriers from supermarkets but basically I always felt uncomfortable and I was always questioning myself on whether I was doing It right so I gave up!

Two years later my son arrived and I felt much better after birth. I tried again and I stumbled upon some tutorials on you tube. I was still certainly “winging it!” and so I searched online and still found nothing locally in terms of support.

Whilst I was on maternity leave I was offered to take voluntary redundancy from my job in banking and as I really didn’t want to go back to working away from my children I decided to take the very scary jump and leave!

I found The School of Babywearing and took myself off to become a fully qualified babywearing consultant! Even at this point though I didn’t really do my training to start a business. I did it for myself and my own confidence, but upon my return I listed an advert locally stating I could help parents with slings (I only owned about 5 slings at this point! ) and I was just inundated immediately! So it all grew from there and very quickly 5 slings and one meeting grew into 250 (approx) slings for hire, a van, a website, drop in sessions in Cleethorpes, Grimsby, Louth, Scunthorpe and Barton plus home visits three days a week!


3. What do you love most about owning your own business?

I now have three children and my youngest is just about to start reception (😭). I am so proud that I’ve been able to still work but be there for them in their early years. I’ve been able to drop them off and collect them from school daily, be at home for tea times, be there for school plays and sports days and even take them along to sling libraries and work alongside them if needed.

I also love the amazing people I get to meet daily. I am constantly learning from every single parent I meet and everyone inspires me to carry on. We regularly get parents telling us how much we’ve helped them bond with their babies and this is just priceless 😍

4. What do you least like about owning your own business?

You never switch off! Mumaroo is my life and I am constantly answering messages, updating social media, thinking of our next event etc. I absolutely love it and I wouldn’t change it for the world but it’s taken me a long time to learn that switching off sometime is not only okay it’s vital to being able to effectively run a business.

What do you have planned for your business in the future?

There are some really really exciting plans at the moment! I always said when my youngest settled into full time school then I’d be able to push forward and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Sorry it’s all still top secret at the moment though!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business but not knowing where to start?

Be prepared to make mistakes. Mistakes are good, what’s important is that you learn from them and adapt for the choices you make in future. Don’t look at other similar businesses with envy – remember it takes hard work and dedication and if you’re passionate and dedicated you will succeed.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your business?

The community we’ve built. We have a huge community of parents across Lincolnshire and despite what the media like to portray we’ve broken down the stereotype that parenting is something to be debated and judged. We’ve created a wonderful supportive community and I’m so very proud of everyone who makes that happen from our fabulous volunteer team who turn up every week despite having children themselves and other “proper” jobs to our parents who continue to spread the word and invite new mums into our community. Each and everyone of them make Mumaroo what it is today and I’m so proud of them all.


Do you think local businesses are well supported in NEL?

Yes I do! I think there’s lots of options online for businesses to connect with each other and offline too from E-Factor to Totally Locally and there’s also a great group called “Lincolnshire Business Ladies”.

I must admit I don’t have much involvement with any of them but I like the fact that I know where to go for support and networking should I feel I need it and I think as a whole we should be really proud of all of our local small businesses and how they work together.

How do you feel the business culture has changed in North East Lincs?

I think small Independent businesses have shone through a tough time locally. Where big businesses have closed down and restructured to cut costs these small businesses have filled a gap. Rate reliefs and more affordable easy in and out terms are making it easier for people to have a go rather than sit back and think what I could of done.

Where can people find you both online and offline?


1st Friday monthly – Louth Salvation Army 11-1
2nd Thursday monthly – scunthorpe cafe indie 11-1
2nd Friday monthly Scartho st Giles small hall 10-12
3rd Friday monthly – Barton st Marys 10.30-12.30
4th Friday monthly 10-12 Cleethorpes moon on the water

Thank you Korrin for giving us an insight into your business. You can also find Korrin on Instagram @mumaroo_sling.G x

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