Seasonal Goal Setting

A friend of mine (@claudiamangeac) has recently started her own Success Coaching business and one of the things she discussed was setting goals.

Life has a way of running away with you, the days go by so fast. As quickly as we’ve written down our goals the time has come to review them and we’re still no further on with them so we’re left dissapointed with ourselves. I know I’ve been guilty of this.

It got me to thinking how can we set intentional goals that we can acomplish and not have that dissapointment at the end when we realise we’re no closer to the finish line.

So, I grabbed my trusty notebook and wrote down my big life goals, look after myself more, pay off debt, get some savings behind me, buy a house, run my blog etc.

Then the mind mapping started, I love a good mind map, my notebook is FULL of them. I wrote down my main goal in the middle and then around it wrote down all the small steps that will help me achieve this.

I am hoping that by having these smaller, more acheivable goals I’ll be more likely to complete them. So when I review my progress each month I’ll feel that sense of achievement in making steps towards my main life goals.

My goals for September are:


All of these work towards some of my life goals!

What are you looking to achieve in September and how do you work towards and acomplish the goals you set yourself? I’d love to hear!

G x

P.S. If anyone can help me find a dentist for my “book dentist” goal that’d be great. I don’t know the good ones in Cleethorpes so any recommendations greatly appreciated 🙂

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