The only cure for litter is you……..

This blog post isn’t meant to be a rant (well maybe a little) but I recently had two weeks off work and during that time had my parents lovely little pooch Puddin. He’s a pretty old fellow and so doesn’t like to walk too far and won’t go to the toilet on concrete in our garden (he’s the fussiest dog I know) so we took him most mornings and evenings for a walk around Sidney Park.

We’re really lucky to have such a nice, green space near our home that we can go to with the pooch or with John’s children. It’s a really nice park, with the little duck pond, goals to play football, tennis courts and a little play area for the kids. It might need a little TLC but as parks go it’s a pretty good one!

BUT, one thing that really upsets me is the amount of litter that people leave after their day out. Littering is one of my BIGGEST pet hates, I despise it. I just can’t understand why someone would just throw their rubbish on the floor and not take it with them, especially when there are so many bins around to put things in. On our last walk around the park John picked up around six plastic bottles.

There’s so much regeneration going on at the moment to revitalise Grimsby and Cleethorpes to continue the growth in making it a great pleace to live but I feel like us as residents need to take responsibility for our surroundings and how we treat our hometowns!

It’s not just parks either, with the lovely weather we’re having more and more people visit our beach and some (not all) leave their litter when they leave. John has been witness to this and not being one to sit by and watch proceeded to pack it up for them and give them it back!

It’s fantastic that companies such as Ebb & Flo (@ebbandfloliving) organise beach cleans for the community to get involved in keeping our beaches clean, it’s definitely on my “to do” list to attend one. If we all do our own little bit to help it goes a long way.


I for one will be taking a plastic bag out with me on walks and pick up any litter I see lying around to do my bit.

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