Here’s to you North East Lincs!

I recently saw an article about Grimsby and Cleethorpes that I felt was a little negative to our wonderful town (except for the views of the lovely locals of course). So, I wanted to reach out to my fellow locals, the people who live here to tell you why they love living here so much:

“I love North East Lincs because where else can you say we’ve got a beach with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, close to green fields, a home to so many creative and independent shops, a 10km and a half marathon that ends at the Pier and a tenacious community who support each other dearly, there’s no place else I’d rather be.” – Charli Parks, ABP

“I love how lucky we are to be able to feel the sand between our toes or listen to the sea every day if we wish too” – Helen Watson, The Soap Shack


“We may not have the bright lights of the big cities but I wouldn’t want to bring my kids up anywhere else.” Kelly Hardy

I just love Cleethorpes beach! I have the pleasure of walking along the promenade every day on my way to my hat and tiara boutique on Sea View Street, which really sets me up for the day! It is an award winning Blue Flag beach, and I think the people of North East Lincolnshire are lucky to have this beautiful feature on their doorstep 💕

I am originally from Greenock in Scotland, and that West Coast has rocky pebble beaches, so when my family moved to Holton Le Clay in the 70’s, I remember visiting Cleethorpes and thinking it was like being abroad! Just love it.” – Isabel Wallis, Hats & Tiaras


If you say you’re from Grimsby when you are chatting abroad on holiday then the old chestnut ‘Phwoar, thought I could smell fish!’ comes back at ya!! Well as one of Grimsby’s last remaining fish merchants, yup, I actually do!! We are famous around the world for our fish here in Gy. Obviously I think it’s something to be proud of as it’s a very difficult trade to get right. Take the supermarkets: they’ve drove a lot of independent shops off the high street but they cannot do a decent fish display to save their lives.
So yes I may smell a little like a kipper when the sun beats down on me on my Spanish holiday but I say it loud and proud: I am a fish merchant from the largest fish processing town in the UK: GREAT GRIMSBY🐟🐟🐟 👍🏻 – Nathan Godley, Premier Seafood


“I love the creative community in Grimsby & Cleethorpes it’s like a little family. The beach is our happy place. Seth & Noah absolutely love our beach days.” – Emma Pannell, Seth & Noah 

“I’m a local florist in Cleethorpes & Grimsby from Flourish Floristry and I love North East Lincs because I get to work with such fab, creative brides around the area! Each wedding is always different which makes my job simply fab!” – Flourish Floristry


“My favourite things about North East Lincolnshire is the pride people take in calling it their home. I also love all the locally sourced food, especially the seafood and cheeses.” – Paula Holliday


“Why I love North East Lincs? The people, there is so much support around the area with people especially small businesses! There is so much to do, lots to see. If I want to go somewhere for the day I do try and stay local. I love walking, wether it’s Cleethorpes beach or just out into the Lincolnshire Wolds where it’s beautiful. I’ve lived in and around Grimsby all my life and I wouldn’t move anywhere else!” – Natalie George, The Makeover Fairy

“Driving to work everyday with the beautiful views of Cleethorpes seafront. It really lifts my mood.” – Joy Walker, Joy Walker Estate Agents


“One of the best things about living and working in the area is having the seaside and beach so close by, we’re really lucky to have so many events going on throughout the year for everyone to enjoy and it goes to show how much the community support one another when you see how many people get involved.” – Andrew Sims, Andrew Sims Bespoke Kitchensimg_4877

“I love how we have the best of all worlds, countryside, the beach and the towns. You can be in a trendy bar one day and building sandcastles or running around a farm the next. Beautiful place.” – Rachel, The Paint Box Ceramic Cafe


“Seeing the Dock Tower driving over Irby Top, you know you’re home.” – Claire McAulay, Taylor & Abel


“The quote I would use to sum up what I love about North East Lincs is a hardworking community spirit with a passion for supporting small, local businesses” – Chapmans Seafood

“I love that Cleethorpes is always growing and changing! As well as having all the traditional seaside town traits, some of the gems I love about the town are unique, independent shops and cafes, bars selling craft gin and beer brewed here in NEL, incredible Moroccan food, family friendly water sports and live music from local artists. There’s always something new to try.” – Emily, Home and Harbour


“We have this amazing coastal line on our doorstep with some amazing local businesses who I have been able to collaborate with. When we have days out as a family we always try to use Totally Locally businesses such as the Paint Box Ceramic Cafe, Riverhead Coffee Shop, Mad Hatters Tea Room, we are practically always in Arttopia buying locally made items. We have a great, strong team of local businesses all working together. What a great community to live in.” – Kim, Kimmies Cakes

“We love to be part of all the amazing events that take place across North East Lincs throughout the year.” – On Yer Bike Icecream


Thank you to all the people who contributed to this post, it was amazing to find out what people love about our amazing towns! You can check out links to the people in this blog below.

G x


Charli Parks:
Instagram @charli_parks

The Soap Shack:
Instagram @thesoapshack

Kelly Hardy:
Instagram @kellygrayq

Hats & Tiaras:
Facebook: https://www.facebook/com/hatsandtiaras
Instagram: @hatsandtiarasuk

Premier Seafoods:
Instagram: @premierseafoods

Seth & Noah:
Instagram: @sethandnoah

Flourish Floristry:
Instagram: @flourishfloristryuk

Paula Holliday:
Instagram: @shithouseadventures

Joy Walker Estate Agents
Instagram: @joywalkerestateagents

Andrew Sims Bespoke Kitchens:
Instagram: @andrewsims_bespoke_kitchens

The Paint Box Ceramic Cafe:
Instagram: @_thepaintbox

Taylor and Abel:
Instagram: @taylorandabel

Chapmans Seafood:
Instagram: @chapmansseafood

Home and Harbour:
Instagram: @homeandharbour

Kimmies Cakes:
Instagram: @kimmiescakes2016

On Yer Bike Icecream
Instagram: @onyerbikeicecream

The Makeover Fairy
Instagram: @nataliegeorgethemakeoverfairy

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