Make Your Yes Mean Yes and Your No Mean No!

Today I attended the Fluent Coaching North East Lincs Business Breakfast held at Forest Pines. It’s always a pleasure meeting local businesses and hearing the inspiring talks. Today was no exception and also very apt with it being Mental Health Awareness week…….

Vicki from Pocket Rocket Housekeeping Rescue took centre stage speaking about the pressures of life in general and being a working parent.

I am not a parent so I don’t understand the pressures of parenthood, but I do understand pressures of life and the things it throws at us. Most of us now juggle working full time, family, friends, events, paying bills etc. and that’s not including the unexpected things that pop up in our paths, life can be tough! But it can also be amazing!

Taking time to think about what is important to us and what makes us happy is essential. It’s your life and you should feel comfortable in the things you do and how you spend your time.

Also taking time to ask for help weather than be in business or in your personal life! I’ve noticed such a strong, supportive business community being back in Cleethorpes and people generally want to help which is amazing!

With all the pressures in life we need people we can reach out and talk to, it’s easy to spiral and get stressed, anxious or depressed. It’s also so important to take time out for ourselves to recharge. I attended an event a while back and the chap speaking said “protect the asset” the asset being us! I’ve never forgotten that and now always take some time for me whether that’s a lazy day in watching tv shows with John, a bubble bath, or pamper night, a walk in nature. Just a little bit of time for me to take stock and refresh.

John Borland of Fluent Coaching asked the question “how honest are you?”, how honest do you think you are? How many times have you agreed to something or attended something you didn’t want to because you felt like you had to? How would you feel saying “no I don’t want to come to your party”? In life sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to, but sometimes it’s OK to say no! Sometimes what we want and need is the most important thing.

I am going to try and be more aware of when I am saying yes to something that I really don’t want to do and try to be more honest with myself about what I want or don’t want. Make Your Yes Mean Yes and Your No Mean No!

Have a fab week!

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