Somewhere that’s green…….

As I previously mentioned I am running Race for Life with my Dad in a few weeks time, so this has meant having to get my bottom off the sofa and into my running shoes again. It’s for an amazing cause and one that is very close to my heart after loosing my wonderful Nan to cancer.


I love to run it’s one of my favourite things to do when I am feeling stressed or anxious to clear my head, it also just makes me feel great! There’s something about putting on some music and hitting the pavement to clear my head. However, I do struggle to get that motivation to get out there and do it, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this!

So last week Dad came round after work and we got our running shoes on for a run in my local green area, Sydney Park. The rain decided to make an appearence but we persevered and completed our Couch to 5k session, we also got a few hello’s from the locals walking their (very cute) dogs.

Me & Dad
Whilst running and inbetween chatting to my Dad (no, even running doesn’t stop me talking) I got to thinking how lucky we are to have places like the park in which we can spend time. Be that for a run, a picnic, a stroll with the dog or just time with the kids on the play area. Parks are such a hub of fun and community!

The parks in the areas seem to have had a sprucing up over the years and are more of a pleasure to be in so I hope that people continue to respect our green areas to allow people to continue enjoying them! I myself am really looking forward to the summer so I can spend more time outdoors, having picnics and enjoying the fresh air.

Have a fab week!

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