Letter to my younger self!

So today is International Women’s Day and I thought that it might be nice for me to write a letter to my younger self:

Dear Gemma (or Little Gem as your friend still call you now),

You’re 34 years old and still single, but this is OK, no honestly it really is! You don’t have to be married with kids before you’re 30 like you think you should be due to the pressure society puts on women.

You have an amazing job, caring and loving family, a good group of fun friends and you’ve also had a crazy but fun time in your late 20’s / early 30’s.

You moved to London & Manchester by yourself, not knowing anyone when you were 27, had the time of your life experiencing so many different things and learning a lot about yourself along the way. You are a strong, independent woman!

You’re very trusting of people, maybe a little too trusting and yes, you’ll be disappointed by a number of people but each time you will pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again! You have drive and determination, are a loyal and caring friend, but also the life and soul of the party. Never change.

You will go through a stage of anxiety, loose your confidence a little, but you will come through this and it has made you the person you are today. A strong, beautiful, confident and happy woman!

So stick in there kid you’re doing great!

Love your older (and not that much wiser) self! xxx

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