THE LIST: Spiritual Self

So since January I have been trying to tap into my more spiritual self. This can mean different things to different people but for me it means feeling content, relaxed and happy. Here’s a few things I have been trying over the last month:

Hot Yoga
One of the things I have been taking more of an interest in is yoga, I recently started attending hot yoga classes once a week, it’s really tough but I am told if I stick to it the easier it’ll get. It’s not just the for exercise I find that in the hot yoga classes it gives me time to relax and give myself some me time! I come out of the classes feeling light and refreshed with a clearer mind.

Angel Cards
I know for some people this might sound a bit hippy and it’s everyones cup of tea but I really do believe that we all have spirit guides who look out for us. I have used Angel Cards for a long time now, each morning I will shuffle the cards and ask for some advice for my day. After listening to Nourish and Flourish one of my favourite podcasts ( where they discussed Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards I realised it is more of a belief for me and guidance. They’re not telling me my future, just giving my that guidance to help me think about certain situations.

Reki Healing
I am so excited about this one, something I have not tried before, I have my first ever reiki session this week! It’s something I have been looking into for a while and I am a big believer of chakras and energies so I am really looking forward to trying a reiki session. I have heard mixed reports so I thought the best way to see what it’s like is to do it myself!

I have recently started to dabble in the world of crystals and their healing powers. After listening to the aforementioned podcast I do believe we’re drawn to the different crystals that we need at that particular moment in our lives.

So for Christmas my parents bought me an awesome mindfulness journal and I have been making a conscious effort to write in this every day. It helps me to list out my goals and then split those goals down into smaller ones to help me achieve them.

So meditation is something I have been working on for a long time, I meditate in both the morning and the evening. Usually a chakra meditation in the evening and then a morning meditation when I wake up. I’ve devised a morning and evening routine and this is part of that routine. Headspace is an awesome app for a morning mindfulness/meditation session as they are quite short. For the evening I usually use a chakra meditation from Jason Stephenson on his YouTube channel as I have found his to be the best for me. I find meditation a great way for me to relax and to focus on myself before I sleep and to also get me ready for the day ahead when I do my morning one. Still very much a work in progress as it’s definitely easy for the mind to wonder but I’ll get there I’m sure.

So far I’m loving all the different things I am trying. What do you guys do to get in touch with your spiritual self? I’d love some recommendations!


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