Mind, body and soul!

So in my previous post I spoke about the list of things I am working on to make me a healthier, happier Gemma.

I have nailed the new job part! The second part is my health, I am so naughty when it comes to going to the gym, or eating more healthy and being mindful! It’s so easy just to be lazy and eat rubbish food.

Here’s a list of things I promised myself I am going to stick to moving forward:

  • Going to classes at the gym & starting my running again. I hate the gym, think this is more due to the fact that I don’t know what I am doing in there, So thought classes are the way forward and running I can do outside of the gym.
  • Eating healthy, cutting out all of the snacks and bad stodgy food that I eat. Not going to deprive myself but I do need to start eating healthier.
  • Mindfulness each night, listening to inspiring Ted Talks, having time for me.

I have also started reading some really great magazines Breathe and Happinez they both have some fantastic articles in them around creating the life you want, being healthy and happy.

So here is the next step on my path to happiness!

G x


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