Apple WWDC – The Big Reveal

On Monday night I attended the Apple WWDC event held by Dreamr at Rise Manchester. As a non-comital Apple  fan (I do own a MAC and an iPhone) I was interested to see what Apple would be releasing in terms of new  products etc, also as someone not massively technical in terms of coding I also find these events a good way to  learn and expand on my tech knowledge.

The event started with an awesome panel debate with some fantastic panelists, Jack Barmby, CEO  of GnattaRenate Kalnina, CEO & Founder of Gratuu, Adam Mitcheson CEO of My2Be, Kate Cocker, Presenter  & Coach and James Heggs, Co-Founder of Clos Consultancy. Hosted by Naomi Timperley

Questions were asked around what the panels relationship was with Apple products, some spoke about how they  had fallen out of love with Apple a bit recently and how they felt they needed to up their game. Others thought that Apple would release something around music in terms of speakers to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa and Googles Home. There was also a lot of input from the audience on how they thought Apple would step it up in terms of their products and offerings. A really fun interactive section of the night!

Following on the debate, we were treated to beer and LOTS of pizza in which we could have a quick catch up following the debate and then it was onto business, the Apple WWDC streamed live from the US.

You can check out all of the announcements here, but here is a brief overview:

A new iPod pro that has a 10.5 inch screen, I’ve never owned an iPad, however this baby does look pretty cool and powerful! iOS 11 will be released providing new features to you iPhones and iPads. There will be a new (and pretty sexy looking) iMac Pro. macOS High Sierra will be released with enhanced features and quicker performance. watchOS 4 will be more intuitive and intelligent. There will also be a new AppStore which is more user friendly and tailored to you. Then came the biggy (drum roll please) the HomePod to rival all other speakers on the market, it will be released in December and of course has the wonderful Siri included.

As I said at the beginning of this blog I am not a developer, however do have a keen interest in digital and tech, so this event and many others I have attended in Manchester are fantastic for people who come from a development or tech background, but also for people like me who want to be up to date with the latest that is going on in the world of technology and in our city. It’s also a good opportunity to see and speak to inspiring people who are building fantastic companies and ideas in the digital and tech space.

Massive thank you to the guys who organised this (and are inspirations themselves) Mylo Kaye, Jack Mason and the team at Dreamr.

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