Confidence, I Believe in Me!

“I can’t do that”
“That will never happen”
“I can’t change my career”
“I’m too old”

I know that I have definitely been guilty of these thoughts, putting myself down and not having the confidence to do something. People do look at me having the jobs I have had and the fact I moved to two cities not knowing anyone as a confident person but I don’t feel that way a lot of the time.

So, this week I decided to attend the ThoughtWorks Women: Confidence – Clarity – Connection event, the speaker at the event was Amanda Brown from the Leading Ladies Company (@Make_LifeHappen). I was a little apprehensive as it did say it was an interactive event, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, however it turned out to be one of the most fun events I’ve been to and afterwards I felt a lot more confident about following my dreams! I’d definitely recommend checking out one of Amanda’s free taster sessions.

Confidence and following your passions seems to have been a bit of a theme this week. When I got to my parents this week I picked up my Mum’s Women & Home Magazine which had a number of articles around these subjects (think the universe is trying to tell me something). So here’s a list of things things I have learnt:

1. Each day before you go to bed, or on your commute home think of the things you achieved today that you are proud of. This can be something small like “I am proud that I made my lunch today instead of buying it”, or something huge that you achieved!
2. Think of the things you’d love to achieve no matter how out there they are and write them down. Then think of the small steps that you could do to achieve this. For example if you want to buy a house, small steps could be to look on the internet at the types of houses you’d like, look at the areas you’d like to live in and maybe visit them. Each small step is one step closer to your dream.
3. Talk about your dreams to people, when you say it out loud it makes it feel more real.
4. Step out of your comfort zone each day, again this can be something small.
5. Everything is possible, nothing it too out there or crazy if it’s your dream.
6. When you wake in the morning don’t allow bad thoughts, think good thoughts think about how awesome you are, the good things you have done the day before etc. You’re amazing!
7. Take time for yourself whether this is a pamper day, a weekend away, an hour reading a good book, take time to do the things you enjoy!

I think building my confidence is definitely a work in progress but even after a week I feel a lot more empowered and energised to work towards my dreams and to enjoy living life.

G x

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