Where’s your head at?

MHAWSo this week is Mental Health Awareness Week. This is a topic quite close to my heart.

Mental health is a subject that has been getting a lot more press recently, as you know from reading my blog I recruit into and am passionate about the digital media industry, I recently saw an article about Tunafish Media’s MD Sam Jones talking about his battle with anxiety attacks (http://bit.ly/2prqDyC) it was a lovely piece and it’s very brave of him to speak out.  A number of celebrities have also been speaking out about their battles with Mental Health, your life might look perfect to others, but nobody really knows what is going on inside your head.

I am so lucky that I have people around me who I can talk to, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have my “Positive Polly’s” group on WhatsApp, my wonderful friends and fantastically supportive family. But there are a lot of people who feel ashamed to talk about how they feel, or don’t have that support network to reach out to. Anyone who suffers from anxiety, panic attacks or depression will know how difficult it is sometimes to see through that fog or think rationally about a situation, BUT there are people out there who can help.

There are a number of different places you can reach out to or get advice from such as Mind (www.mind.org.uk) and ReThink (www.rethink.org), or the NHS website which has a number of different resources.

Don’t suffer in silence!

Gem x

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