Happy list

So life can get pretty overwhelming sometimes, a couple of my friends and I have a WhatsApp group where we build each other up, have our moans and give each other support (we call in the Positive Polly’s). During one of these chats my lovely friend Anna sent me a “list of lists”, it was something to do when you’re feeling down or anxious to bring you out of that slump.

One of them was a list of things that make you happy, I thought I’d share mine as it’s something that helps me when I’m feeling a bit blue and I’ll try to do the things on the list, or just reading it helps to remember all the positives in life.

1. Spending time with my family. I am MEGA close to my family and I love going out to the countryside to spend quality time with them. My family are my best friends I am very lucky to have them.

2. Spending time with my friends. Due to having lived in Cleethorpes, London and Manchester I have built up an amazing network of friends around the country. Many a fun time has been had over the years & many more to come I’m sure.

3. A bubble bath. One of my favourite things to do, especially with a good book and a Lush bath bomb!

4. Cold, but sunny days. When the sun is shining but there is that cold chill in the air. Beautiful.

5. Cuddles with the pups! Puddin and Pepi are my parents dogs but they are the cutest and craziest pups around. Having morning cuddles with them is the best!

6. Pamper nights. Face mask, hair mask, previously mentioned soak in the bath, nails etc. What girl doesn’t love to indulge?

7. Daffodils. This is one I share with my Mum. Love having daffodils in my room. Their colour and the fact they are a cheap and cheerful little treat is perfect.

8. A cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, catching up on my favourite blogs. Pure Sunday bliss.

So that’s my happy list! Comment below to let me know what’s on yours!

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